Research & Development

“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” (Albert Einstein)

The Research & Development Laboratory of LEIK SpA deals with the design, development and industrialization of construction products with a highly skilled team of researchers.

The equipment and instrumentation it delivers is a fast and efficient development of new products, intercepting and anticipating critical aspects of production. Particular care in the development phase, from training development to optimization of production processes, from technical documentation to evaluation of production processes, where necessary, the adoption of new analytical methods and their validation in collaboration with Quality Control.

Researchers are entrusted with the choice of ingredients, the balancing of the formulation, the selection and analysis of raw materials and the delicate task of selecting suppliers and producers capable of guaranteeing the required quality standard. As part of building installation systems, LEIK SpA, thanks to its Research department, is able to satisfy various needs both from the point of view of the performance of the finished product and of the application functionalities.

Broadly consolidated collaboration with several external test materials laboratories, through which finished products are certified in accordance with the most recognized standards in the construction industry.

The daily commitment of the researchers is also aimed at the realization of products for the improvement of application systems, to their cost-effectiveness, always keeping in mind the respect for humans and the environment. The constant monitoring and control of the core technology of the industry is ensured by intensive training courses, collaboration with consultants, in-depth studies. These activities require a continuous updating and instrumental adjustment to carry out the test of physical and mechanical characteristics of products, which can guarantee valid and repeatable results over time. Finally, the application laboratory, equipped with the necessary mixing and application equipment for both liquid and powder products, is made up of experienced technicians and proven work experience to try to improve the ease of installation and workability in close cooperation with customers and distributors technicians that are a very important source of information to anticipate trends and market changes.


Research and development laboratory