LEIK SpA is born as a company for the production and sale of premixed powder products in the Coating & Construction industry (cementitious tile adhesives, waterproofing membranes, grout mortars, repair mortars, etc.). The main purpose is to intercept commercial sales areas that are currently only partially and inorganically handled by current players in the constructions market.

We are committed to provide a better response to the vital growing need of building companies and materials warehouses to receive rapid technical support. We aim to offer technical solutions in a market with an increasing demand for new high added-value products in small packaging and with significant benefits in terms of reducing industrial costs.

LEIK SpA is here to work together with companies and business by developing new technology and marketing strategies, providing highly-specialised technical support and designing custom products and solutions for clients. The flexibility of the highly-automated production plants means that small batches can be produced to meet to specific requests without generating waste material.



Customer care and support

Nowadays, sales and technical support is perhaps the most important “product” that a company can offer. Partly as a result of the dramatic economic crisis of recent years, Italian SMEs are investing less and less in Research and Development, increasingly required business partners to provide more assistance and support. This is why a successful business in the building and construction products market must provide customer support, aiming to provide solutions that solve their technical, commercial and logistic problems.

At LEIK SpA, providing customer care is a key element in what we do, thanks to the formulation and quality control operations, enabling us to develop products with features in line with client specifications as well as those of leading competitors.


Company with a certified quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard by Intertek Italia Spa. Registration number: 1916459-00